About HW Fashion

HW Fashion is hand-made latex clothing producer based in Vienna Austria, founded in 1999. Their creative team exist of professional designers and specialized tailors, who are trained by one of Vienna’s leading design school. Assuring that every item produced at HW Fashion in Austria is of the highest quality for a fair price.

HW Fashion is known worldwide for their talent to create custom made orders and made to measure products. From heavy rubber till high end fashion, you can see it all live on stage when HW Fashion travels the world to perform their famous fashion shows. Or view our latest collections on your computer screen, as we work together with beautiful models and greatest photographers for diverse broadcast and media. Over the years we have proudly been featured in magazines, appeared in videos and flyers on both national and international level. HW Fashion produces every latex item handcrafted with care and love, this shows in the amazing details of every single piece. HW Fashion is more then clothing, we listen to our customers wishes and together we want to make your ideal latex outfit come true!

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